Primary Care needs documentation of proof of household income and the number of people living in the house. 

PCSG has a full-service in-house pharmacy in our Thomasville location and can provide delivery to our sites for patient pickup.  Uninsured and underinsured patients may be eligible for extra discounts in PCSG’s in-house pharmacy based on income requirements. Additionally, the Blakely Site partners with Spring Creek Health Cooperation. This entity assists patients in getting their medications through the pharmaceutical companies for a minimal fee. For more information, contact Spring Creek at 229-723-2468. In Thomasville, Bainbridge, and Quitman areas the same program is provided. The program is called the Lawson Neel MedBank and can be contacted at 229-226-8114 ext. 154. Both of these programs are great for maintenance medications.

For short term medications, PCSG also partners with local pharmacies offering 340B drug pricing. This allows patients to receive medications at just above wholesale cost.

No, we cannot offer theses services on the discount program. We can only provide Primary Care Services on the discount program.

We are Primary Care. Our goal is to keep you healthy.  Just because you may come in for a cold, we want to make sure all aspects of your health are addressed.  Preventing you from getting illnesses and detecting conditions early is critical in the outcome of your health.  It is the right thing to do!

It is always best to make an appointment for routine follow-up care. This will minimize your wait time. However, getting sick is not planned. If you are sick, call the office. The front office staff will take down your name and number. A clinical staff member will get back within 1-2 hour with instruction on your appointment and care.

The pharmacy will send a request for a renewal on your medications if you have requested a refill through the pharmacy. You may also request a refill by calling the office or submitting a request through the patient portal. Request your medications 7 days before they run out. Our staff has 3 days to respond to refills.

Note: Our providers believe in managing your care and not just supplying you with medications. If you are not attending your appointments; not stable with your condition or newly started a medication they will not renew your medication order without seeing you.

Pain medications and controlled subtances such as ADHD medications require a face-to-face encounter for a refill. If our providers have you on pain medications on a regular basis, you are required to sign a pain contract. In addition, we need supporting documentation of the factors creating the pain, i.e. x-rays, CTs, MRIs, etc.

Our staff will call you within 14 days of receiving the reports with the results.  Please make sure we have good contact information for you.  You can also access or request your reports via our patient portal.

Call the office and state you need an ER follow-up.  Before seeing you, we need to get these records which may take a couple of days.  We will call you back with an appointment once we obtain the ER records. 

Our staff members are busy during the day working with patients that have appointments.  They will not interrupt the providers while they are with other patients.  Telephone calls will be responded to by the staff within 24 hours with exception of sick calls.

Co-pays are due at the time of the visit.  If you have an outstanding balance, please contact our billing office to set up a payment plan at 229-723-2660 or 229-227-5510.